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Types of Print Ads

When we think of print ads, the first thing that comes into mind are banner ads – huge billboards sprawling all over the city promoting one thing or another.

While this is of course one of the most visible types of print ads that we see, print ads can be found anywhere, and they are still a great choice for reaching people. Read more

Using Boards to Advertise to Kids

Advertising is a tricky business, especially if your target market consists of children. A company recently approached me to help put together an advertising campaign aimed at children, and to some extent their parents.

It will advertise play equipment you might find in a school, but redesigned to be smaller and more compact to fit into private yards and gardens will be such a hit with children.

Of course, advertising to children can be tricky. Since you will often be older and likely not an expert in child psychology, finding the right design to appeal to children can be very difficult. You will need to really study your target market, and understand what makes children tick.

When designing boards and banners for advertising, especially for advertising products that will primarily be used by children, so here are some tips for advertising directly to this market.

birthday bannerUse bright, colourful graphics and less text
Children of that age will likely already be great at reading, but advertising can be tricky especially if the children are not too aware of the context of the art.

So you need to be very concise and use colourful graphics and less text to make sure that everything is absorbed by the children. Next, you will want to use just a little bit of text so that they understand what the ad is about. Ideally however, your graphics alone should be eye catching and understandable to begin with.

zumbaTalk directly to the child
Your ad should talk directly to the child. One way to do this is to place the ads at the eye level of children. This makes it more comfortable to view and will help them connect with the ad better.

For example, ads for playgrounds that feature cartoon characters will often be looking down, so that they make eye contact with the children.

Place the ads in places accessible to children
The ads naturally have to be accessible to the children. Placing them in schools, in yards, in school bus stops, and other places where there will be a lot of traffic from children will definitely ensure that they will be viewed by the right audience. Your ads have to be fully accessible to children.

 Here’s how to create a Banner Advertisement using Adobe Photoshop:

In addition to boards, you need to make sure that you use other ways to advertise to children, namely through digital means. A lot of children now spend their time online.

Amazing Ways to Advertise Your Pet Food

If you want people to buy your products, you need to advertise it. And what better way to advertise than to use print media? The great thing about print advertising is that you can get extremely creative with it, because of the fact that it is there physically.

Physical adverts simply are more interesting because you can do a lot with it, and you can even include multi-media elements to really advertise it.

 Meanwhile, Here is a compilation of the best dog food commercials…Enjoy!


Now, when it comes to pet food advertising, you can really bring in all of the good stuff to catch the attention not only of the pet owners, but of the pets themselves. If you want some amazing pet food advertising inspiration, look no further:


Floor stickers
Floor stickers are a great print ad choice because you can get very creative with them. All you have to do come up with a great concept and stick it somewhere where you know a lot of dog owners will be. For example, cities that have a lot of pedestrians that own dogs will benefit from floor stickers that show little dog paws, leading the owners to your main advertisement. With the right artist, you can also create 3D floor stickers, which look like they pop out of the ground depending on the angle.

Boards with textures
You can also go for cool pet food advertisements that display cool textures. For example, you can create 3D billboards and posters by using textures and designs to show off your new pet food. For example, if you have a new dental cleaning dog food, you can show a close up of your special new toothbrush-like texture to show just how effective it really is.

You can also add fur or other materials to give billboards a more friendly look.

Boards with scented spots
This is a great way to make sure that you are truly advertising to the dogs rather than to the pet owners. All you have to do is to mix some alluring scents for dogs and to apply them to your billboard. Naturally, you should make sure that your board or poster is at a height where dogs can easily approach them.


To do this, you can use specialised scents that you can buy from specific perfume makers. Delicious smells such as the smell of your dog food can be applied to the paper. It is guaranteed to last several weeks. Alternatively, you can cheaply apply smells simply by hiding some dog food behind the advertisement.

Advertising boards that dispense food samples
If you have a bit more money to spend, you can automatically have your advertisement dispense free samples of dog food. Add a small dispensing machine and have it activated using a smart phone QR code. Anyone who wants a free sample of the dog food only has to scan the QR code, and they will get a free treat for their dog.

Just make sure that you monitor your pet food add to make sure that the dispenser is still full and that it is clean and free from insects such as ants.

Interactive Advertisements – Be Memorable

Our world today is completely saturated with advertisements. We get them on the streets, on the subways, on the roads on the way to practically everywhere. We get them in stores, on television, on our phones, gadgets, and pretty much any other internet capable device.

So prominent is consumer culture that we literally cannot get away from the people who are trying to sell us material things, services, and just about anything else that is deemed profitable.

adobe cs3 interactive billboard

Some of those things are useful and relevant to us–perhaps even necessary. And sometimes there are items and services that we are clamoring for yet do not know about simply because the information has not reached us because of how many advertisements there are in the world that everything gets drowned out.

With that being the case, it only makes sense that when YOU advertise your product or service, you make sure that you not only catch the attention of the consumer, but you also make sure that you make it memorable.

I would like to give an example – when I had to do a project once, for Mad Science, I decided to make interactive displays and web advertisements.

billboards, ads

Interactive Website Banner Ads
When I had to make some website banner ads for this company I decided to do something interactive so that kids would be more attracted to checking them out.

But at the same time I had to make sure that they were appropriate for adults too–as in that they would attract the attention of adults as well so that they would become interested in sending their children to the company’s science day camps.

For this purpose I designed a simple chemical reaction game that I put in banner advertisements. I had beakers, test tubes, and erlenmeyer flasks that has different ‘chemicals’ (basically just different colour liquid fillings) in them. One could click and drag on the lab glassware, to mix one chemical with another.

Chemical reactions would fizz, sizzle and bubble over, and end up revealing the name of the company in the end, along with a tag line that they provided for me to use.

ads in vegas

Interactive Display
Another idea I had for physical displays was a Static Electricity Display/Set Up–basically a pop up booth with one of those balls where you could touch them and your hair would stick out all over the place! It was great, we would bring the display to museums, to schools, and parks.

It was a great way to engage children and adults alike. The best part is we added a photobooth so that they could have a souvenir photo of them with their hair standing on end while touching the display. It was excellent, and definitely a great way to be remembered.

On the photos of course was the logo of the company–so that the people would never forget which company it was that had given them that fun experience.

Getting Creative with Billboards – What Makes a Good Billboard

When I was younger, still in my university years, I had an interesting project. I had to basically dream up advertising for an outdoor gym company–so I had to think up the advertising campaign, and then consequently create the graphics that would go with the advertisements themselves.

6 Most Amazing Billboard Ads In The World

It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but it was most definitely a learning experience. I learned a lot about billboards and how they should be, and how a successful one should be. I figured out that some billboards need to be a certain way if they wanted to be able to get the amount of attention it was meant to.

So what did I learn? How SHOULD billboards be? Here were some of my realisations.

Billboards Should be Eye Catching
How many signs and billboards have you seen where people just walk right by them, because they didn’t catch the attention of the person walking or passing by? Billboards are huge. They’re meant to catch someone’s attention.

Unfortunately, because we see so many of them in our daily lives, we end up pretty much ignoring just about everything we see, especially when we’re otherwise occupied (driving, texting, etc). This is precisely why billboards these days really have to be uniquely eyecatching–otherwise, they will fade into obscurity amongst all the other billboards.




Billboards Should be Memorable
How many of you can call to memory a billboard that made such an impression on you that you couldn’t help remembering it? People need to be able to recall the billboard, or at least have it somewhere floating around in their memory, if you want them to be able to remember the product advertised within.

But the billboard also has to be relevant to the product or service (or whatever else is advertised) because otherwise a connection would not be made–the billboard will be remembered but the advertised will be forgotten. For my project, when I had to advertise about that outdoor gym thing, I had to really think of something that would stay in people’s memories and would be called up with certain triggers.

singapore billboard



Billboards Should be Legible, But Short and Straight to the Point
When it comes to billboards, they should be short and straight to the point. A passerby will not be able to read a wall of text. Pick out a couple of choice phrases, and make sure that the words are written in a typeface (font) that is legible, in a large enough size, in a colour that contrasts well enough that it can be easily distinguished and read from the background. For my project I only put two lines of text…no need for all of text!

Billboards Should Create Interest
Of course, a billboard would not be doing its job if it is unable to create or procure interest in what is being advertised. Admittedly, only a small percentage of the viewers will be interested because after all, not all products/services/companies appeal to everyone on the market.

That said, it should still be able to stop someone and make them look at the billboard before they decide whether it is relevant to them or not. The most successful billboards are able to get quite a lot of attention AND be memorable enough.

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